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120 Gram Clip In Hair Extensions

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Fancy Hair extensions are always...

Thick from top to bottom for ultimate length and volume
Made with 100% Remy human hair and designed to minimize tangling and matting
Expertly sewn together with lace to minimize shedding and extend lifespan
High quality clips designed for maximum grip and comfort
Multi-tonal coloring technology for seamless and natural blending
Silky, soft and shiny hair that may be washed and styled just like your own

Packaged with Love

Every set of our luxurious clip-in hair extensions are made of the finest 100% Remy human hair. Our packaging box has been designed with the same attention to luxury and simplicity.

Use our Fancy Hair box to store your Fancies when they are not in use to ensure they stay safe and protected so you can enjoy them for as long as possible!

• Rich and deep dark brown with warm undertones
• Made of 100% Remy human hair
• 20 inches long
• Thick from top to bottom with subtle layers for seamless blending
• Ideal for thinner and finer hair types

Total Number of Pieces Per Set: 9
1 x 9" weft
1 x 8" weft
1 x 6" weft
2 x 4" wefts
4 x 1.5" wefts

Fancy Hair clip in hair extensions are made of the finest 100% Remy human hair. Our hair extensions are 20 inches long and have a lifespan of approximately 4 to 12 months. All of our colors feature multi-tonal adapting coloring technology that can blend with your natural hair even if your current hair color is a slightly different shade. Our 120 gram set is designed to provide full coverage for finer hair types. Every strand that goes into our hair extensions is collected in the same direction to minimize tangling and matting. This technique also helps our hair extensions blend naturally and seamlessly with your hair since hair naturally grows in the same direction. Our wefts are triple reinforced to minimize shedding, which will also extend the lifespan of your hair extensions. Fancy Hair extensions may be styled with heat styling tools, just like your natural hair. Our hair extensions are thick from top to bottom, making hair look healthy and luscious. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Please note that we only accept exchanges or refunds within 30 days of receiving your order. To be eligible for a return or exchange, the security seal must not be removed or broken. The hair extensions and packaging must be in its original state. Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for more details.

Important Hair Care Tips:
• Always brush your hair extensions gently with a soft bristle brush before and after use, and always begin brushing from the bottom and work your way up to the top
• Never brush your hair extensions when they are wet
• Fancy Hair extensions should be washed every 10 to 20 wears or when there is too much product build-up and they become unmanageable or difficult to style
• Store your hair extensions in a box or container in a dry and cool area. You may use our Fancy Hair packaging box for storing your hair extensions when they are not in use.
• Make sure that you collect all of the wefts in the same direction when you are storing them and tie an elastic around the top of the hair extensions to keep them together and tangle-free.
• IMPORTANT WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: To wash, gather all the wefts together and tie an elastic around the top so they stay together and all of the hair is facing the same direction. This will minimize tangling when you wash them. Place the extensions in a container filled with lukewarm water, and then apply a small amount of shampoo to the water. Gently massage and rinse out the shampoo. Repeat this process with the conditioner and rinse thoroughly. We recommend using a natural, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair extensions soft, silky and shiny for longer. Untie the hair extensions, carefully separate and lay them out onto a towel to air dry completely. DO NOT brush the extensions while they are still wet! Once they are dry, generously spray on a detangling spray, and gently brush out each weft starting from the ends and working your way up to the top. Now they're ready to be clipped into your hair and styled.
• Always use a heat-protectant serum or spray when using hot styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons on your hair extensions.
• Never set your hot styling tools higher than 360F. The melting point of human hair is 450F. Temperatures close to this point can be very damaging to your hair and can cause breaking, splitting, tangling and matting. To extend the lifespan of your hair extensions, we recommend keeping the temperature between 290F-360F depending on how long your hair is being exposed to the hot styling tool. Flat irons can be kept between 320F-360F and curling irons or wands between 290F-300F.
• Invest in high quality hair styling products. Some gels, oils, serums, etc. may have ingredients that could be damaging to your hair and hair extensions. We recommend investing in 100% natural and organic hair products to maintain the quality and long lifespan of your hair extensions.
• If possible, do not dye your hair extensions. Any chemical processing can alter the quality or shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions. If you must dye them, please take them to a professional colorist with previous experience.
• We recommend doing coconut oil treatments on your hair extensions before washing them. Since Fancy Hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, they will benefit from this treatment just as much as your own hair, and will keep your hair extensions looking and feeling healthier for longer. Invest in a high quality coconut oil that’s organic, virgin and cold-pressed for optimal results (usually $8 - $15). Disperse a generous amount of the oil throughout the hair extensions from top to bottom before washing and allow the oil to penetrate the hair for at least 1 hour. Ideally, you want to leave it in the oil overnight. When you’re ready to wash your hair extensions, simply wash out the oil, and shampoo and condition as usual. Coconut oil is the only oil that can fully penetrate deeply into human hair strands, preventing color fading and dullness, as well as leaving your hair extensions looking healthy and shiny. We recommend trying this treatment on your own hair too!

For more hair care tips, please visit our FAQ page.