Customer Stories

Fancy Hair Extensions exceeded my expectations. I purchased them for my wedding day so that I would have that extra boost of length and volume. Ordering was made super easy with the colour matching guide on the website. I ordered the 160 grams for medium to think hair in the Dark Chocolate Brown since my hair has a bit of red to it. I received the extensions a few days later and was very pleased with the look and feel of the product. For my wedding day I had to curl the extensions and they held the curl really well and were very easy to clip in. They gave me tons of volume (which I normally lack) and length that lasted all day/night long. Best of all, they held on great and it felt so natural that I forgot that I had them in. Overall I think this is a great product and would highly recommend it.

Olga B - Toronto, ON

Hello! I just wanted to send you a message and let you know how impressed I am with my whole experience with your company. From start to finish the customer service has been above and beyond, the swatch program is amazing more places should have this. I received my hair in less then 5 days to NS and the packaging was beautiful I love the box idea that doubles as storage. The hair is PERFECT. its thick and the color is rich, the clips look fantastic and I am very very pleased. I have been getting extensions now for over 6 years and this is the VERY first time I have had such an amazing experience. You have gained a customer for life. Thank you very much for everything.

Tara Borden - Dartmouth, NS

I love my extensions, the perfect weight for my hairstyle... I have a short angled bob but you'd never know, these blend so good.

Alisha V. H. (This is my second set of Fancy Hair extensions!)

I ordered my Fancy Hair extensions on the weekend and got them today! I am IN LOVE with them! They match perfectly with my hair and I cannot wait to use them for my September wedding! I have been trying to grow out my hair for the wedding for a year now, and it hasn't been working the best. This is the best option and I am so glad I took the risk and purchased them! Thank you so much!!

Stacey Lawrence - Ottawa, ON

Hey there!

I never really do these things but I really wanted to express my love for your product! I have been using extensions for about 6 years now. My hair has always been longer but I add them in for volume. I have gone through more extensions then anyone in the world. I have spent 200 on beauty supply outlet extensions that literally break when you brush and the hair falls out within weeks! I have ordered them online only to have them arrive and look/feel like Barbie hair and melt when I use heat on them!

Fancy hair is hands down the best hair extensions that are out there. I just ordered and received my second set! I have been using them for about a year now I have since lightened my hair and have gone bronde. I went with the Hazelnut Blonde and it matches PERFECTLY. I get compliments on my hair all the time and have been spreading the word.

Such an amazing product! Worth every penny! The thickness all the way to the ends! They stay thick!! I brush use heat on mine to wand at the time. They are so manageable and so easy to style! Thanks again for introducing such a wonderful product into the hair world.

There is literally nothing better out there!

Clare Cianfarani - Aurora, ON
(customer for life)

My old set (on the right) cost more than the set I just received in the mail from you. 240 grams of the spicy auburn. I am so happy with these, so happy. These extensions are the best quality I have come across and I have had many sets of hair extensions. I'm darkening them to the shade on the right.

Alisha Varner Hipson - Shelburne, NS

"Love my fancy hair
extensions! first time using them this weekend. love the quality and weight"

Jacklyn Vieira - Milton, ON

"Just got my set of Fancy Hair extensions & absolutely love them!"

Katelyn Malayko - Edmonton, AB

"Love the extensions from you guys!"

Kelly Xu - Toronto, ON

"I ordered your hair extensions for my wedding, and I couldn't be happier with them! They held their shape all day and truly made me feel like a princess!"

Valeria Samsonova - Toronto, ON

"The first time I heard about Fancy Hair Extensions, was while scrolling through Facebook. The words "I was outraged with the hair extension industry caught my eye," and as someone who has worn hair extensions in the past, of course this peaked my curiosity. I was immediately impressed with the websites marketing and videos, as well as really through off by the things I discovered about the hair extension industry in general. Being someone who has had severely damaged hair and fine hair, I ordered a set of 120 gram extensions is dark chocolate shortly afterwards. I was so interested to see if I would have a better experience with these hair extensions then I have had in the past.

When the package arrived, and I took a peak at the one inch weft sample, I was sold. The colour matched seamlessly into my hair (after I got a nice damage trim) and allowed for me to go to the hair dressers and wave my hands as they gave my hair a nice healthy chop. My hair looks fuller and healthier! I've received tons of compliments. My only regret is that I didn't give my hair extensions a bit of a chop, as though the hair extensions are amazingly seamless, it did not hide the fact that my hair grew four inches over night. That being said, the next time I get hair extensions I will be ordering from Fancy Hair because I know they are aware of the corruption and manipulation in the industry. And they are a good price as well"

Jill Tranquilla - Calgary, AB

"i just bought your hair and i must say am so impressed how thick and full they are. I am a black woman that just wanted to have extensions that work. these extensions work."

Manjiah Lamin Ockey - Calgary, AB

"I received my hair extensions and I must say, they are amazing! I've tried multiple brands and these are by far the best. They are not dried out at all, they are long, full and blend in perfectly with my hair. Also, the customer service was excellent! Great product! Thanks"

Manon Charbonneau - Timmins, ON

"Fastest shipping ever! Received my extensions in 2 days only! It truly is amazing quality; I am definitely happy with my purchase. Thank you!"

Tina Loyer - Chelmsford, ON

"Got my 240g Hazelnut Dirty Blonde Fancy Hair extensions in today, i cannot believe how amazing the quality of the hair is. It feels an looks exactly like my own hair, so glad i bought them! Now just gotta learn how to put them in to blend into my short hair!"

Andrea Denise Gauthier - Calgary, AB

"Just received my Fancy Hair Extensions and I absolutely love them. I have fine hair and when I have them in, hey look really natural. the colour matches perfectly and I honestly feel like my hair is that length when there in. Even brushing them you see a difference, there is hardly any hair that falls out. You can tell there made high quality and for the price its really worth it."

Josay Brochu - Sudbury, ON

"Received mine in the mail on wednesday! Great quality and they are thick right to the ends, unlike some extensions that are straggly and thin at the ends. Very happy with my purchase"

Sarah Susanne - Labrador City, Newfoundland

"Extremely impressed with the quality of these extensions! I have tried most companies ($$$), and am normally disappointed. Keep doing what you're doing Niki and you've got a customer for life! *two thumbs up*"

Paige Callihoo - Ottawa, ON

"i got my hair extensions after 3 days of ordering them and i am so in love with them. I never got extensions that was this thick and great quality and payed the same amount. thanks so much"

Roxy C Paul - Barrie, ON

"Ordered my extensions on Thursday, got them in the mail on FRIDAY!!!! AMAZING! I love them!"

Stephanie Ann Brignolio - Hamilton, ON