Our Story

Hello, gorgeous!

My story began a few years ago around the time I got engaged to the love of my life! I was looking for a set of clip in hair extensions that would add extra length and volume to my hair because I wanted my hair to be super long and voluminous for my wedding day!

In search of my perfect clip in hair extensions, I was disappointed time and time again by brands that made countless promises, and failed to perform the way they claimed. Either the extensions were poorly sewn together, too thin, or horrible quality, I was frustrated and I'd had enough. It was at this point that I realized that the only way I was going to get the perfect set of clip in hair extensions was if I designed them myself. And this is when my journey began...

I knew that in order to create the perfect clip-in hair extensions, I had to dedicate myself to learning everything there was to know about hair extensions and the hair extension industry. I met with numerous hair extension experts to figure out what makes a great set of clip in hair extensions and implemented every detail from my research into my designs. From there, I searched for manufacturers from all around the world, hoping that one would help me bring my vision to life. I tested dozens upon dozens upon dozens of hair extension prototypes, and refined them until they were everything I could ever dream of. I was obsessed with creating the perfect set of hair extensions, and anything less than perfect was just not going to cut it! Hair extensions became my religion and my passion, and I wanted it ALL: Length, volume, seamless blending, comfortable wear, easy styling, long lifespan and a variety of beautiful colors to choose from. Compromising was NOT an option!

After all of this extensive research, testing and product development, I finally created what I believe to be the perfect set of clip-in hair extensions that is known as Fancy Hair today. I am confident that you will love your Fancy Hair extensions as much as I do, and once you see the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every single set, you will understand why Fancy Hair extensions are the perfect set of clip-in hair extensions!